Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting to know Daniel Michael

I have been asking friends to contribute to this experiment and today the 1st contribution arrived. It was written by the east coast funnyman, Daniel Michael. Daniel is living and working in New York, so if you want to know anything about the big apple just ask. Inquiries about live music and comedy will get the most response.

Inside Dan’s Mind with Daniel Michael
• I’m considering bringing the Somali Pirate concept to North America.
• I think that time is almost up for my Teletubby cover band.
• I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that. I will, however, do it for money.
• I like razzle, I like dazzle, I like razzmatazz.
• I think the difference with my comedy is drinkability.
• I have decided to live in Central Park when I’m homeless. Lots of shrubbery.
• I think the third or fourth cut is the deepest.
• I am about to drop my new Christmas tune, “Al Qaeda, Please Don’t Blow Me Up…For The Holidays”.
• I am heading over to the 99 Cent store to do some Christmas shopping.
• I would love to stay and chat, but my helicopter is waiting.
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